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We provide the right product to our clients.  Your only source for Tropical Hardwood Lumber. Mercwood is helping companies around the globe to succeed in their local markets.  


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About Us

We have our own sawmill in Brazil to produce high standard lumber products at affordable princing for Construction Companies and Furniture Industry worldwide.

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Logs, Rough Sawn Lumber, Dimensional Lumber, S4S, Decking, Flooring, Siding, Moulding and much more.

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Corporate Office –  Mercwood Inc.

    • Address:
      1451 W Cypress Creek Rd. Suite 300, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 – USA
    • Phone:
      +1(954) 769-0172
    • Email:

Sawmill – Mercoeste Comercio de Madeira Ltda.

    • Address:
      Rua Barão de Melgaço, 86, Porto, Cuiabá, MT 
    • 78025-970 – Brazil
    • Phone/Whatsapp:
      +55(19) 99700-3366

Warehouse in USA – Ambient Bamboo

    • Address:
      8230 Preston Ct Unit C, Jessup, MD 
    • 20794 – USA
    • Direct Phone : (301) 498-0234

      Mon- Fri: 8am-6pm EST

      Sat: 11am-5pm EST