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Ipe Decking 20 Year Limited Warranty

Mercwood Inc. offers a 20 year limited warranty to the original purchaser of our Ipe Decking.

 The terms of this warranty state that when used in applications and installed per fastener manufacturer’s instructions and as suggested on the www.mercwood.com.br website, our Ipe decking is guaranteed to resist rot for 20 years from original purchase date.

This warranty does not cover costs of removal, installation, reinstallation, decking materials, installation tools, and assumes no loss of use, liability for incidental or consequential damages. This warranty does not cover damages from improper installation, alteration, misuse, abuse, disasters, and treatment in a manner other than as intended. No claims shall be accepted for the following reasons: splitting, twisting, cupping, checking, shrinking, staining, warping, discoloration, mold, fungus, or insect attack. Material covered must not be in direct contact with the ground or standing water and must be used in a design which allows for adequate airflow under deck boards and not subject to any moisture issues or standing water.

All or Any claims must be submitted in writing to Mercwood Inc. The Material must be installed at the location of original delivery addressed to Mercwood Inc., unless previously agreed upon in writing. Installation shall only contain Ipe purchased from Mercwood Inc., unless previously written acceptance of notification is obtained from Mercwood Inc no later than 7 days from original purchase date. If job site is to contain Ipe decking from prior suppliers, post suppliers or mixed sources; prior job site photo documentation and verified written notification to Mercwood Inc shall be made stating that the Ipe decking to be warranted is in proximity to Ipe decking purchased from other suppliers. Mercwood Inc reserves the right to demand and require further documentation of job site uses if deemed necessary to clarify the location of the proximity of Ipe material used from other sources.

Through purchase, customer agrees and accepts that any and all claims shall be limited to the original purchase price of the product, less shipping cost. If rot is apparent, Mercwood Inc shall reserve the right, at its sole option, to either refund the original purchase price of the claimed Ipe Decking material or replace claimed boards. Purchaser agrees to supply Mercwood Inc. adequate high-resolution photographs and sample documentation of claimed material said to be affected by rot. The claim shall be limited to affected boards only. Claim for loss of use, construction, deconstruction labor, or any other said expenses/losses shall not be covered. No other warranties are hereby made, neither written nor verbal, to our Ipe Decking Product.

Failure to follow the instructions, requirements and recommendations or warnings provided with Mercwood Inc Ipe Decking shall make the warranty invalid. Mercwood Inc reserves the right to investigate any claim. Decking applications using this product must comply with all local zoning and/or building codes. Mercwood Inc does not assume any risk or liability associated with the use of Ipe decking or any other products original purchaser has received or used. Wearing proper safety equipment and other necessary precautions should be taken to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the project.

Mercwood Inc shall have no further liability or obligation except as purposely stated in this document.

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Sawmill Operation and Management and Worldwide Sales except US:

Francisco Henrique Cardoso
General Manager
Ph: +55(19)99700-3366 - Brazil
Skype: (786)393-6081
 email: francisco@mercwood.com.br



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MONARCH DESIGN - Distributor        
Rick and Silvia Simmonds - Sales and Operations
Ph: (240) 651-0313
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